Everything You Need To Know About Delivery Management Software

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Everything You Need To Know About Delivery Management Software

Delivery management software with live tracking helps many businesses to make the order delivery process smooth, effective, and efficient. This software makes everyday mundane tasks with automation, integration, and digitalization. Which makes things go faster, smoother, and more streamlined delivery operations.

But First, What is Delivery Management Software?

This software is built and designed with all the functional, real-time updates, and effective ways to integrate various delivery operations. Like picking up the order, dispatching it with a proper time management solution, and integrating with route planning software to increase the business revenue and make customers happy and satisfied.

How Does Delivery Management Software Helps Save Time and Money?

Delivery Management Software is designed in a way that does optimum route optimization and last-mile delivery tracking with live delivery agent status. It helps guide a route that has a clear pathway in terms of traffic, environmental barriers, or construction site blockage. In short route optimization helps with fuel costs and saves time.

Vehicle allocation is also another feature that is related to smart route optimization. By delivering the order on time and stably and efficiently you can elevate customer satisfaction and build up their long-term trust and services. This software is designed to monitor shipments to stay organized.

What Are the Main Features That Help Any Delivery Management System To Become a Complete Package?

To get a complete Delivery Management Software package it should have some very functional and practical features that help many delivery processes. Let’s discuss some of the features that are important for any delivery management software.

Real-Time Tracking:

The right delivery management software is designed to deliver real-time tracking to manage delivery operations effectively. It monitors, manages, transforms, and ensures efficient routes for time tracking.

Route Optimization:

An efficient delivery management software system helps with route optimization to ensure faster deliveries with mileage coverage, live delivery agent tracking, and electronic notifications.

Admin Dashboard Features:

Admin dashboard features manage and assign tasks effectively. They can help assign many tasks like tracking drivers, vehicle allocations, and order pickup and dispatching as well.

Electronic Notification:

Delivery Management Software enables electronic proof of delivery by sending emails and SMS to the business and customers as well. it is also known as ePODs, it helps drivers collect delivery confirmation with this feature on their phone. for example; e-signatures, scanned barcodes and QR codes and photos, etc.

Benefits of Delivery Management Software:

Delivery Management System helps allows many businesses with its numerous benefits and advantages that cut down total fuel cost, time, energy, and above all elimination of manual handling for delivery management solutions.

Processes That Are Streamlined And Advanced:

One of the most prominent features that a delivery management system provides is streamlined delivery operations with advanced delivery managers. This also means that your everyday task is now fully assigned and optimized by reducing manual tasking.

Better Performance With Fast Deliveries:

The best delivery management system offers planning routes that provide the fastest delivery to make customers and your clients happy. This benefit also helps many delivery agents to get electronic confirmation from customers and clients. Live tracking also helps many companies to perform well and do fast deliveries.

Delivery Tracking and ETA:

Delivery tracking and ETA not just benefit the customer but also greatly helps companies. When the delivery agent knows that he has been continuously monitored and his location is also on track then he will not take numerous breaks on the delivery run and also won’t make useless stops and turns.

This eventually helps in making faster deliveries with efficient route optimization to save time, fuel, and many other small things that add up collectively to make the whole delivery process smooth and effective.

Order Control and Record:

A fully functional, effective, and operated delivery management system helps in many ways and one the prominent way is order controlling appropriately by keeping a record of everything like date, time, and the designated person address with delivery agent details. Also coming up schedule also helps in many operations for the order delivery and its related procedures.

Insightful Analytics:

Delivery Management Software helps in giving much useful insightful analytics that provides useful insights. Like correct data that help improve business and delivery management platforms. These insights also help you identify some of the peak seasons for order delivery and time and also reveal areas that lack attention and need to be worked on.

Customized Delivery Management Software at Affordable Prices

Absolutely yes, many delivery management software can be customized to the required business needs and demands. This includes customized reports, printed shipping labels, delivery templates, branded tracking pages, and integration with other important systems.

Nowadays many delivery tracking software is available at affordable prices for all types of businesses whether they are small or big. But before making a rigid mind on the price always look for features that are important for your business needs and demands.

Is Delivery Management Software Compatible?

Delivery Management Software is designed to get linked with other software which is also equally important considering business needs and demands. All the major delivery management software should be compatible with other systems, software, and integration. Most commonly these systems could be accounting and invoicing systems. The main point is that delivery and management software can be connected with other processes and workflows.

Well, a functional, results-generating, and fully optimized delivery management system should be able to comprehend all the tasks with automation, integration, and digitalization. It should have a feature for route optimization, dashboard admin features with electronic notification, and live tracking of delivery agents with ETA. These are a few features that will help the order delivery-oriented business potentially and other businesses as well.


When you are looking for competent delivery management software always purchase the one with route optimization, real-time tracking, electronic notifications, integrations, and other systems, ease of use, and affordability. When the order is delivered on time with much care and attention the customer becomes happy, satisfied and look forward to extended service.